Vacuum Dewatered Floors Process


Floors in factories and industries have concrete being the most versatile of flooring material, has been in use for a long time. To overcome the deficiencies of concrete a system was devised to improve the properties of such concrete floors. This system is "Vacuum Dewatered Floors".

( Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring [TREMIX] )

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Tremix Flooring (India) Pvt. Ltd. incorporate the technical aspects of this fine process and gives you the 'real thing;. Being qualified civil engineers, we understand and know the theory behind the process, significance of dewatering is clearly understood. The advantages of this process as detailed on page "benefits" has been verified with test reports over selves.

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1. Compressive strength of floor increases by upto 60%

2. Tensile strength increases by @ 70%

3. Cement consumption is reduced to the extent of 40%, no cement is required separately for finishing the surface.

4. Abrasion resistance of the floor increases by @ 60% resulting in les wear and rear of the floor surface

5. Shrinkage of concrete is reduced and floor wraps less.


In this system, concrete is poured in place & vibrated with a poker vibrator. Then a screed vibrator is run over the surface, supported on channel shuttering spaced 4.0 meters apart. The screed vibrator is run twice to achieve optimum compaction & leveling. After this a system of lower mats & top mat is laid on the green concrete & this is attached to a vacuum pump. This draws out excess water.

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  Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring [TREMIX] Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring [TREMIX] Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring [TREMIX] Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring [TREMIX]